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Cock Of The Walk

Category: Brunette, Teens, Toys
Producer: BabeVR
You're requesting drinks for your companions and you see Jade behind the bar. She's perhaps the hottest barmaid around the local area and she just observed you. The music is boisterous so you draw nearer to her ear. Those dark blue eyes won't prevent you from taking a gander at her expansive cleavage. Three brews and two bourbons later you're still at the bar watching her fine ass bringing home the bacon. You're battling a consistent hard-on and she'd taken note. That peppy grin on her horny face is the main thing you expected to sit tight for her end move. At last, the bar is vacant and she's everything to yourself. Nothing unexpected, the main thing she longs for is your ragging shaft. It's your swing to fulfill her thirst.
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